independance day

Me: Jillian, tomorrow is July 4th!
Jillian: ju-why torth? Is it my birthday?
Me:...it's America's birthday.
Jillian: Oh! Should we get her a present? 

We've been kind of obsessing over birthdays around here...so it was a very convenient time for America to have a birthday. When it actually IS her birthday in a few weeks her head might explode.

We had a fun time doing sparklers and watching fireworks with Grandma & Dave! Jillian is super sensitive to noise so I was a bit worried about how it was going to go, but thanks to some ear muffs all was well and there were no major emotional breakdowns to be had.

Olivia's ear muffs were slightly too large...(hah!) but I'm guessing they worked well enough because she fell asleep before the end of the show.  

Happy birthday 'murica! 

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