new stroller love- the joovy vary light

You know you've arrived at the pinnacle of mommyhood when you write a blog post solely dedicated to your new double stroller.
I totally embrace it. 

I'm a freak about researching new stuff before I buy it- mostly baby stuff that costs hundreds of dollars. Searching for a double stroller was no exception. 
There. Are. So. Many. Strollers.

I wanted it to do everything short of making me dinner...is that too much to ask?
I knew I didn't want a side-by-side model- too wide for my taste and not enough seating options.
Because my kiddos are 3 years apart, I knew I wanted a "sit and stand" model to accommodate Jillian, who will soon be out of the "oh this is fun to sit and ride in a stroller" phase and could sit/stand on the back instead, while still accommodating Olivia in her car seat, and then could also grow with us as the girls grow. Simple, right?

We actually ordered the Joovy Ergo first.
 I liked all the options it came with, but was bummed I couldn't put the car seat adapter on the front. Since there wasn't anything I liked better, we went with it. 
The same day it arrived in the mail we got another catalog featuring a brand new stroller from Joovy, and I instantly face-palmed. 
There on the second page was the stroller that was EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. 
It was like the good people at Joovy crawled into my brain and read my thoughts, then made a stroller-
finally. Finally a baby company read my mind.
At this point our new stroller was assembled, but the packaging was in the dumpster. I told James I found this other "SUPER AWESOME REALLY GREAT STROLLER THAT WAS TOTALLY WHAT I WANTED!" and I thought we should return our new one to get THIS one instead...he was super happy with that choice and took no convincing at all. ;-)
So I dug the packaging out of the dumpster so we could return the Ergo. 
I mean, when you see the double stroller of your dreams, you dig in the dumpster. Duh. 

We are now the proud owners of the new Caboose Vary Light Stand-on Tandem stroller.
Now I feel "mom of two kids" legit. 

It. Does. Everything.

What I love about it:
I LOVE that I can shorten up the frame to make it a single stroller, while still letting Jillian stand-on the back. In the "long" version it's the same length as the Ergo (which is a smidgen shorter than a lot of double strollers with two ride-on seats).
I love that the storage basket can expand in the lengthened version! Storage galore.

The car seat adapter can fit on the front OR rear of the stroller- yay!

The swing-away tray in front opens on either side.
It stands by itself and opens/closes with one button and one hand.
The double wheels in the front made this one easier to steer than the Ergo.

Anything I don't like?
No cup holders on the handle for my giant Dr. Peppers. Joovy sells a separate stretchy pouch to add cup holders to their other strollers, but another blog review of this stroller said those don't fit this model- maybe they'll come out with one soon that does. Stores also sell separate "clip on" cup holders adaptable to any stroller, so I'm not too brokenhearted over it, if it bugs me enough I'll probably just grab one of those.

If you're using the long version, it does take a lot of trunk space. I have a mid-size SUV and it does take up the entire length of the trunk without an inch to spare (just in the length, not the width).

Contrary to the name, it isn't "vary light". It isn't incredibly heavy either (34 lbs.), but it does take a "heave" to get it up into my car. 

And there you have it.
We are ready to brave the walks, parks, and zoo trips this summer. 
In style. 

Mommy fist bump. 

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