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I would call this post "life with two kids", but honestly I don't know what that's like yet since I've had the full-time help of my mom and sister for the past week- which makes life with two kids a breeze really. :-p 
Future posts will most certainly involve me complaining about how difficult it is to keep up with two kids, laundry, cooking, and trying to remember to brush my teeth.

But life lately has been good- exhausting, but good. Recovery after this baby has been 1000% better than with Jillian, thank heavens.
So far Olivia is an angel baby (SERIOUS knock on wood...). At this point with Jillian, she was eating every 2 hours (even through the night), projectile vomiting, super colic-y, and I had not one but TWO massive boob infections. I didn't know how people EVER had more than one baby after that experience...but lo and behold as I've come to find out with Olivia, not all baby experiences are as crazy as that one (can I get a hallelujah?). 

Here's a little about Olivia so far in our (almost) 3 weeks together:
She eats every 3 hours during the day and 4 hours at night (she'd go longer at night but we have to wake her up to fatten her up- doctors orders- the skinny lil' thing isn't back at birth weight yet so we're workin' on it). 
And seriously...she never cries (except when she's hungry). It's the weirdest thing. 
I think after raising Jillian as a newborn God decided to be nice to us...which I'm certainly grateful for. ;-) 
She farts like a grown man. It's slightly concerning. 
She's a super cuddly baby and I'm sort of in love with that since Jillian kind of wasn't.
Her "poop face" would make even a guard at Buckingham Palace laugh hysterically. 
She's also trying to set a new world record for the most blowouts in one day.
Aaaannddd that's pretty much what newborns do- eat, sleep, poop, repeat. 

But she is SO sweet and we love having her here with us. I've been so impressed with how gentle Jillian is with her, though my mom does say it's only a matter of time before she tries carting her across the house by the neck- it's a wonder any baby after the first survives with siblings in the house. 

Lovin' this little family of mine!! 
(And SO glad James has this next week off of work after my mom and Michaela leave to help me ease into the swing of things with two at home!! Honestly that man is a God-send.)

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