the family came to town

My parents and little bro spent the last two weeks with us here in poo-tah (my family's affectionate name for Utah). We had such a great time! I also love that anytime my Mom visits I revert to a teenager and she takes over "Mom" role (cooking, cleaning, laundry)..yeah..I'll milk that for as long as she still does it. Ain't ashamed.

It was so sad when they pulled out of our house this morning to head back to the airport- Jillian sat in the grass and cried, which of course made my Mom cry as she was waving and blowing her kisses from the car.

 This was one of the greatest summers- marked by Popsicle stains, sunscreen, and sidewalk chalk. I'm trying to breath in all of the last little bits of it. We'll have to squeeze in a few more pool play dates while the weather is still hot enough for it.

Now that they're gone, summer is officially over. I start work again tomorrow and I'm ALL but ready for it.

It will take me a few weeks to accept that summer is done and welcome all of the yumminess of Fall. But for now I'll just sulk about it...in the sun...with a snow cone.

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