how the houlins do pizza

I'm pretty sure pizza should have it's own separate group in the food pyramid. Then again, it does kind of hit each area, right? Grains...dairy...vegetables...meats...sometimes even fruits! All around seems like a good idea to me. 

Anyway. I never used to consider pizza a "favorite" anything really. That is, until I branched out from the usual Domino's and the like to buy and even make real, quality stuff.

Now I consider pizza a favorite. 

I love, love, LOVE these recipes I found for pizza on the grill. It is so delicious and tastes way better than anything you could buy from the freezer section or even homemade baked in the oven. 

Look at those grill marks on that crust! Yum-o! It is also pure culinary coincidence that it is shaped like a backwards Louisiana. 

I'm really loving discovering all of these new things we can use our grill for...it's panned out to be quite the investment. 

Last night's deliciousness: 

('lotta cheeses, arugula, proscuitto) 

(roasted red pepper, garlic, fresh mozzarella, basil)

The third pizza in the back is what my dad named "Man Pizza". He thought my pizzas sounded like "chic food" and wouldn't be filling. He even mocked my delicious prosciutto calling it "gay ham." Haha...But he also used pizza sauce that came in a squeeze bottle. No big picture or recipe description there. You're probably safer with $5 Little Caesars. ;-)

Now go. Grill. Eat. Be happy.

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