Do you ever make pro/con lists when you have a really big decision to make? Like...where should we move to next, or when should we have another baby, or should I eat the rest of that ice cream in the freezer? 

Meh. I don't really either. Although, one time my very best friend made me (MADE me) verbalize a pro/con list for these two guys I was sorta dating, one of them being my current husband..soo I guess we know the results of that one. But generally when I have a big decision to make I just sulk and complain and call my mom. 

That was a really long way of getting to what I'm actually getting to, which isn't a big decision at all, but a pros and cons list for fall time. I'm just not ready to let go of summer! It was way too good to us. I didn't even mind the heat and consistent over 100 degree weather- bring it on. 

So this in all in attempt to help myself cope with the fact that we're going out out of one of my favorite seasons and headed towards one of the worst (winter that is). I'll just really try to enjoy the in-between...

The pros/cons of Fall:

  • Sweater, scarves, and boots- oh my! And I'm just gonna do it this year- I'm buying Jillian and myself a pair of Hunter boots. Just gonna do it.
  • Pumpkin EVERY thing. Kneaders has a "count down to pumpkin bread" running on the board outside of their store and it's nearly torture. 
  • Leaves changing colors- it's absolutely gorgeous 'round these parts when they do!
  • Apple cider. I'm not necessarily a huge fan, but there's something about apple cider in the fall time that just makes me giddy.
  • Pumpkin patches and hay rides. Things like that are infinitely more fun once you have kids.
  • Anniversary! Our 5 year anniversary is this October and we're headed off to Florida to ditch let Jillian stay with Nana & Papa while we go off for a bit (to a destination that has yet to be decided...ideas are welcomed)
  • I don't have to turn my AC on = lower electricity bill for 3 months.
  • School supplies are everywhere. Although I'm not really ready to get back into a school/work routine, I love, love, LOVE buying new school supplies. 
  • Soup! I usually only make soups in the fall/winter season...like 3 times a week. And man oh man have I pinned some delicious soup recipes the last couple of months just-a-waitin' to be simmered on ma' stove. 
  • The farmer's market is open and we go every week!

    Well, that's more than I was expecting to come up with.

  • Summer is over.
  • No more snow cones
  • No more swimming
  • It get's darker earlier 
  • Means winter is coming...*shudder

    Really if I could live in a place where there were just 3 seasons- spring, summer, and fall, life would be grand. If you know of such a place, do share. I'll make a pros/cons list of why we should move there ;-)

    But that totally helped me cope a little better with summer being over...and maybe, just maybe, get a little excited for fall. _________________________

    And a few random things from this week:

1// Designing my business card for my new Etsy shop! More on that later.
2// Check out this book I found at the library called "Everybody has a Tushie". It's literally a book for kids about butts.
3// One of my neighbors decided to rig up a hammock on the parking structure...
4// James dislocated his shoulder playing soccer and has to wear that beauty for a couple of weeks.

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  1. Come live in San Antonio, Texas Whitney..there's pretty much no Winter! And we're far enough away from the coast that we don't have to worry about Hurricanes either! :)


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