what actually happened on valentine's day

What I meant to do this Valentine's day:

Do something cute and romantic for James
Take a cute picture of Jillian with a festive photo prop 
Get something for Jillian
Make a cheesecake 

What actually happened:

Didn't think of anything in time to do for James
(why you fail me pinterest?!)
Botched Jillian's bangs in a nasty trim; didn't get a photo prop= no Valentine's picture of Jillian
Didn't get anything for Jillian
Forgot to buy stuff for cheesecake

Sometimes that happens. But ultimately, James isn't into the cheesy stuff I find on Pinterest, there will be plenty more opportunities to take festive pictures of my kid (and those bangs will grow back), Jillian won't know she missed out on getting her a Valentine's treat (even though Nana totally did get her something- way to go Nana!), and brownies for dessert will be almost just as good as cheesecake. 

And ya know what? There won't even be a picture of me and my Valentine because some days, you just feel like staying in your PJ's and not putting on any makeup.  

But it's okay. The forfeited instagram moment doesn't matter, because today I'm still surrounded by the people I love more than anything.

Oh, and looking back...maybe the brownie WAS better than cheesecake.

Happy Valentine's Day!  

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