new hur

I thought you might want two different facial expressions. 
I tried a closed mouth smile. It felt weird. 
But I love ma' new hur do.

In related news, I trimmed Jillian's hair for the first time ever. With makeup scissors (Jaime Williams is cringing right now). The back turned out fine, I trimmed off maybe 1/8 of an inch, mostly so it will start to GROW (it may or may not be even, but I tried).

Her bangs on the other hand...it didn't SEEM like it would be too hard. She had one really long chunk that just hung down in her eyes, so I just wanted that a little shorter. Well. When your toddler won't sit still and you're trimming from above..uuhhh..

Good thing I always push those suckers to the side, cause we got a real Lloyd Christmas situation going on. 

Jillian I promise to never ever ever trim your bangs again.

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