put..the cookie...down

I have no self-control when it comes to cookies. Seriously. Sometimes I think I'm literally inhaling them when they are present (which is why I don't make them lately). 

Well, lucky for me, last night I made weight watchers chocolate chip cookies that are only 1 point each! Cookies for one point?! *inhale

Weight watchers? Si. I signed up! Me and Jennifer Hudson will be rockin' out on the next commercial they produce so watch out ;-) I've done it once before, to lose the 37 pounds I put on during pregnancy (yes, thirtyfreakingseven). Well, technically I didn't have to lose that much because I lost 17 pounds the day Jillian was born (and she weighed 7 pounds...so...10 pounds of "other stuff" came out with her..gross!). 

Anyway, I liked it a lot and it worked really well. I was working on dropping a few lb's before I got pregnant, was 9 pounds away from my goal, then got pregnant, and grew to the size of a small planet. So I feel like I'm picking up where I left off (sort of...I gained 3 pounds the week my family was visiting. Blergh.).  

Time to get back on the horse though (and not break the horse while I'm on it). So my new goal is 18 pounds away. I'm shooting reach it by Christmas time, which should be very doable. 

Anyway, back to these cookies. I made them last night. I told my sister they were only 1 point and she said, "that means absolutely nothing to me." I told her it was like right next to zero, and celery is zero, so that's good. Well, because of my cookie problem, like 8 cookies later she said, "Hey Whitney, 8 is not close to 0, it's close to 10." Oops.

So if some random cookies show up on your doorstep sometime in the future, know that instead of exercising some self-restraint I'm avoiding it all together and letting you do it instead.  

Here's to the next 6 months of weight watchers cookies.

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