crazy jar lady

My mom is obsessed with mason jars. It's true. Her fridge is stacked full of them, she carries one in her purse, it's like borderline I'm-going-to-submit-her-to-some-TV-show. (They're not empty, mind you...that would be much, much weirder). 

When she came to visit, she brought the jars- well, bought them actually (for me!). She cuts up all her veggies after she buys them and stores them in the jars. She makes oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast and stores them in jars. She stores leftover omlets in jars. ...I think they've just replaced Tupperware completely for her. 

But, she's actually on to something. It totally works. She did it when she was here and I loved it! Everything stayed fresher for MUCH longer, and it was already washed/cut up so eating everything before it went bad wasn't such a hassle and it cuts meal prep time in half! And since they're in jars, they don't get smashed under other produce (which tends to happen in my produce fridge drawer).

Apparently it awoke some kind of jar beast inside of me, because I'm totally on the crazy jar train (though, I haven't started carrying one around in my purse...)

Fresh veggies! 

Finally got my indoor herb garden going.

Kitchen spoon holder (held together with twine).  

Jars, jars, jars, jjjaaaaaarrrrsssssss! 

By the way, I'm also obsessed with these Martha Stewart reusable adhesive chalkboard and dry erase labels. They are heavenly. A teacher's and OCD organizer's best friend forever.
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  1. Ok I love this! It cracks me up AND it's genius, I might be copying you and your mom!


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