holy #$)(!*#$~!

Nothing good comes from girl's nights...you usually end up with a crazy idea by the end of it. 

It started as a regular night- The Bachelorette, Cafe Rio, a nasty dessert...and then the way most of our girl's nights end up: talking "married girl" talk. 

One of my friends started talking about how she gets waxed- all the way- the whole enchilada- the mother of all waxes- the Brazilian. I think our next conversation must be like when a bunch of guys together when they're about to try something really stupid...
"Okay...I'll do it if you do it.." "You will?" "K let's do it!" 
It pretty much went like that. "Let's all go get WAXED!" 
Well, two of the girls couldn't end up making it the day of, so it was Jen and myself. I made her go first. What a champ. Hardly flinched. 

My turn.

Nothing like "dropping trow" to a stranger. I was so nervous my body was literally shaking (more about the future pain I was about to put my body through than the fact this girl was staring at my uncovered crotch). 

On goes the wax, RIP goes the paper, SCREAM goes the Whitney. Not so much of a scream as a yelp. What sucks is that once you start, you can't really just stop in the middle. Can't go all asymmetrical style..weird. 

About 30 RIPS later, I felt like I was riding a horse, bareback, and the saddle was on fire. They should provide you with that burn relief spray you get after you have a baby. Better yet, when you're having a baby (epidural style), you should get a complimentary wax. Because THEN you wouldn't be able to feel it. What a great idea.

Hopefully I don't run into anyone I know tomorrow. They'll be like..."Why are you waddling?" And I'll be like, "Well, I went horse riding. Naked. And the saddle was on fire." "Why did you do that?" "Because my girlfriends said it would be a good idea...duh."
And then they'll look at me the way you would look at a guy who just did something really stupid because he said, "Well, everyone else was doing it.."

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