Sometimes we all make bad choices

So I LOVE the girl who does my hair (shout out Jaime Williams!). She's the only girl I've been to in Utah that knows how I like my side swoop bangs. And I'm pretty particular. Michaela agrees. Girl cuts bangs.

But a small problem is introduced, when I decide that I'll do something "different" and go for blunt bangs instead. Now I had these bangs once in college..it actually came to be by accident (never try trimming your own bangs ladies- don't we all make that mistake at least once?). Flashback? Okay, okay:

Disregard my complete stoner face...it was probably very late.

She did a great job though, and always does. I just don't know how I feel about how these look on me in particular. I almost feel like an 80's cheerleader. Or 70's go-go dancer.

I think I'll be letting them grow out a bit so I can go back to the comfort of my swoop bangs. Unfortunately that won't happen before my standard cheesy prego belly pics on Saturday. Guess I better figure out how to rock these things.


And so you can get some humor out of this as well, here you go:

And for reals...could my dimples be ANY bigger? Nay. They could not.

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  1. What's funny is this is exactly how my bangs were when I first cut them/how they're supposed to be now...I'm STILL getting used to them. I think yours look good. A cute go-go dancer. It's probably a bad time to mention that a lot of women when they are pregnant want to change something and it's usually their hair and it usually doesn't turn out the way they thought it would in their head. I did it. I think you rock 'em though. Have fun with the pictures. :)


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