Happy Birthday to us

So June is the official month of birthdays. James' birthday was on the 6th (and he turned 26..whoa! 26 on the 6th. Cool.). We went out to eat with the usual crew at Goodwood Barbecue. Super good food, but we both got MEGA sick from it. Which was weird because we ate NONE of the same food. It must have legitimately been contaminated...yikes.

We also went to this new-ish place in Riverwoods called Provo Beach. Seriously...Provo Beach? That's a mean tease. (Insert random tangent): Last year I was talking to some of my students about the beach for a descriptive writing activity, and they had absolutely NO schema for it at all. The closest thing they could come up with was like Utah Lake. Poor kids. Haha. Thank goodness for technology and pictures on the net right?
ANYWAY. It's this like game/arcade place and they have a golfing simulator that James has been wanting to try out. So he did. It was pretty cool.

The thing about birthdays when your older, or holidays really, is that your gift wish list gets progressively more expensive. I guess since these were our last birthdays before the baby comes and we spend all extra money on her, we decided to spoil ourselves one more time. James got an iPad 2 (should be coming in the mail this week!). I had to order it straight from the Apple store online, because I called SIX stores in Provo/Orem that were all sold out. Walmart even said they get them in the morning sometimes and they're gone by lunch. Whoa. Thank you James for wanting the Tickle-Me Elmo of grown up toys.

Moving on to my birthday toys, James got me a cricut! AH! I die. If you don't know what one of those awesome little things are, it's like the ultimate in scrapbooking/crafting. It's looks like a printer, but you put paper/vinyl/fabric in it to cut out letters and shapes. FAB! My Mom also got me a sewing machine, which I'm trying to learn how to use for a few projects. I set it up Saturday and within 20 minutes it broke. Haha! I tried to keep fixing it, but kept getting frustrated with it. Then James looked at it and did THE SAME THING I'D BEEN DOING THE WHOLE TIME and it started working again. Aye aye aye. So expect to see some of the random projects I've been working on soon. Maybe by the end of the week. And yes, they're mostly adorable things for the offspring. I don't plan on becoming like an expert sewer or anything, like making my own clothes and stuff...that's a little TOO June Cleaver for me.

Also on Saturday, after the sewing machine fiasco, we went to celebrate my birthday (the 23rd one in fact) at Olive Garden- my fave- and got dessert at The Chocolate- another fave.

Which I just have to insert, that whole notion that pregnant women eat like grown men is completely false. Yes, I do eat more often, like every 2-3 hours, but I can't eat as much in one sitting at all. I fill up SO FAST. It's come to the point where when we go out to eat, I only order a side salad and appetizer. It's really annoying, because mentally I'm not done eating, but the growing human in my belly will not allow another ounce of her space to be taken up by food. Depressing.

In other birthday related news, the whole family clan came to our house last night to eat homemade pizzas, watch the NBA finals game, and celebrate the previously mentioned birthdayness. Good times had with the fam.

Birthdays this year were good. I'm only 23 but I feel so much older than that. haha. I think I have a fear of getting older. Is there a medical name for that? I think 25 will be a rough one for me, mentally. Oh well. Better enjoy the next 2 years...

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