Pajamas and Autism

Happy Pajama Day!

Has there ever been a more FABULOUS idea than to let EVERYONE at school wear their pajamas for a day?! I think not. Please not the boy behind Maren and I (who look ridiculously large in this picture...we're not really that plump...angle of the camera?...*puts down the cookie) in his snuggie. Snuggies are the best thing since sliced bread. That is not even an exaggeration.

One of the best parts of this day was the fact that 45 principals from around the state of Utah came to our school to all watch us teach a math lesson (apparently the way we teach math is revolutionary...that was not sarcastic. It's pretty kick butt awesome). So I had three principals in my class watching and yes, we're all in pajamas. It was grand.

What else is grand? A FOUR day weekend!! No school Monday and Jon and Sarah's wedding on Tuesday. At first I thought the fact they picked a Tuesday to get married was really inconvenient...but now I'm loving the idea.

Sooo I'm one of those people who thinks its not a smart idea to have kids very close together. Not only because medically it takes a complete year for your body to recoop from pregnancy/labor, but I want one out of diapers before another one is in diapers. Too many diapers= no bueno. My ideal spacing is 3 years I think. All of my siblings and myself are all 4 years apart, and that's worked out great. I know people though who are really close in age and although their teen years were a living hell with one another, now they're really close. To each his own. Anyway, here's something I came across that is pretty interesting...

Children born less than two years after their siblings were considerably more likely to have an autism diagnosis compared to those born after at least three years.

Later in the article it explains that the mother doesn't have enough time to recoop and rebuild vitamin and calcium supplies. Autism is pretty scary in the same way cancer is scary...people don't know THAT much about it yet. And there isn't a "cure". Anyway, the article I read this is here, and the "scholarly" article is the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. So I guess I can add that reason to my list. So all you crazy ladies poppin' out babies like it's going out of style...slow the heck down!


  1. Oh my H. Please take that photo down....or photoshop it. Geez.

  2. Hey now, don't dog those that have multiple kids in diapers...after all, your big bro and almost all of your extended family members are in that boat ;)

    Odds are now you will get a surprise 3 months after your kiddy is born because you wrote this...muwahahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Well Ry, let us not forget that Eliza was a surprise :-) But yeah, that is the trend in our family...but not with me! I'm breakin' out!

    Annnd Maren...tried photoshopping. Didn't help. hahaha.

  4. Hey Whit- I love your blog but I guess I have to disagree with ya on the kids thing just a little. I know having kids close together does take a toll on your body believe me I am going through a lot this year with surgery on my foot and a broken elbow that I am still in physical therapy for- but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know we have had our kids at the time we were suppose too. My kids always have someone to play with and have each others backs if they ever need it. I do agree you need to give your body some healing time- so that is what I am doing now. I do want more kids if Heavenly Father sees fit but I am losing my baby weight and getting back into shape before I even consider it. I guess I am finally going to be a little selfish and get my body back before another baby. We didn't plan on having kids so close but if you were in the military you would understand. Clint was gone all of my pregnancy (I mean all- he found out I was pregnant with Ally a week into his basic training) with Ally and of course Aubrey was a huge surprise to us- but I couldn't imagine her not being here with us. So since Clint missed all of my pregnancy with Ally and Aubrey cause of his deployment to Iraq he really wanted a baby bad when he came home off his deployment. So- we had Roxy! I knew we were suppose to have Colt when we did and I knew if we didn't Clint was about to start training again and be gone a lot so he was able to be here for all of his pregnancy and birth too. Now since he is about to leave for Ranger school which is 62 days long and more training after that so we will not get pregnant anytime soon. But- that's why we have had our babies so close and we had them when it felt right. I didn't want you to think we are just popping out babies just because but there are reasons behind it. I am sorry this is so long but I know you are going to be a great mommy and we are so happy for you guys. Just learn from me it is very possible to get pregnant while nursing and have no menstrual cycle that is how our little Aubrey came. I didn't know it then but do now haha! I love ya girl and hope you are doing good! Rachael

  5. Hey- sorry again my post was so long I usually don't post things but I didn't want you to think me and Clint are crazy people for having kids so close together and that there was a reason behind it haha:) Rachael

  6. So thanks for calling my wife crazy. Now i'm not writing this out of anger or any other uncontrolled emotion because I respect your opinion and the Constitution for that matter and will let it be. Also I like to express mine as well. Just some thoughts...first of all having autism is not a thing to look down on or avoid. That is just life in general. Let's stop looking at things from the scientific and more from the spiritual. We knew coming into this life that our bodies would undergo many changes and there would be things that we would not necessarily agree with but that they were going to happen. Are there things that can prevent autism maybe so, but if it happens it happens. Someone can only have one kid and he/she be autistic and that's that. There is nothing wrong with it, it just happens. Plus in out personal experience we have felt every time that we should have kids and quite strongly and so we had three in four years and thankfully they are healthy, but if it were not so I would not mind it for we felt we should do it. So I just didn't appreciate someone else telling me how to do it. I don't know how serious this whole thing is either because there was some joking involved. But that's my thoughts. Pretty disorganized they are, but basically to postpone child bearing for fear of autism is ridiculous and in my opinion contrary to the heavenly plan. Things should be done spiritually and not scientifically. Some people will feel inspired to wait maybe and that's in their circumstance and others might not feel it. It's just up to us to know. There isn't a set guideline to having kids. I couldn't imagine having a kid every three years then I wouldn't have all the ones that I love so much and would have missed out on so much already. But that's just me. Love ya all


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