Jon + Sarah = Jonrah.

(Genre). James and I for some reason started combining names of the married people we knew to just refer to them as one person. To save time I guess??? Not that we're really people that are so busy we have to jam words together in conversation, but sometimes it's just easier. The only ones that have really stuck (that we actually use) is Rymber (Ryan + Kimber) or Rymberilly (Ryan+Kimber+ Milly)..but now they have Eliza too sooo....I'm not sure what to do about that. I guess they've progressed to "The Shannons." And Jonrah (pronounced Genre).

Yeah...we're that hokey. ANYway.

We went to a little pre-wedding dinner/couples shower/party thing for them on Friday. Completing the Jon's tux completely out of tissue paper I'd say was the crowning jewel of the evening.

Don't let the pilgrim hat and umbrella looking pimp cane throw you off...it was the best we could do.

James did all the between the leg taping...he knew Jon the best...

WHOA my hair is getting long.

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  1. How about....


    Actually now that I think about it...it kind of sounds like a horrific disease....if I ever discover some disease or infection that's what I am naming it:

    "Rybermilizitis (Ri-ber-mill-i-z-itis)"


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