Jellyfish, Weddin' Pie and ...Stretch Marks?

If I wasn't such a procrastinator, these would have all been separate posts...but since it's useless wishing for the impossible, you get what you get- another hodge podge of random crap that happens to me.

Random crap 1: The aquarium.

Not just any aquarium...THE Living Planet Aquarium. Which I'm pretty sure was converted into said aquarium from a Shop-ko. Complete with a mechanic shop in the same parking lot (getting a visual yet?) The commercials looked way cooler. Anyway, it was cool/gross to see some of the things they had there. AND I got to touch a stingray. It almost ate my hand, but it's all good.

I guess when you grow up in Florida with half this stuff in your backyard or within an hour away (not to mention home of some of the best aquarium's in the country), this one was just "meh". I guess not bad for Utah. Spoiled, I know.

Random crap 2: A wedding

Jon and Sarah got married! Finally ;-)

It was nice and it gave me a much needed day off school (bonus!). It really made me wish I was getting married again and going on a week long honeymoon right about now!!

They also had wedding pie instead of wedding cake. They're pie people. They were also really nice when they did the whole feeding to each other thing.

...were we nice?....

no. (-:

Final random crap (#3 if you're counting): Stretch marks.

Aye aye aye. They've started. Because my gut is starting to look less and less like a food baby, and more like a real baby. Unfortunately, most creams and lotions don't really "work" (from what I've read anyway), but you better believe I still lather it up every day. Here's the thing that gets me...THEY FREAKIN' ITCH. Who knew? Not me. I feel like a monkey having to scratch so often.

I have a feeling I'm in for a lot more pregnancy "surprises" along the way.


  1. For my 2 cents worth ... I've used Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream/Lotion with all 3 boys and have loved it - maybe worth a try! Hope you're feeling better!! (Oh - you can get it at Walmart/Target!)

  2. Whitney...I'm so excited for you to have a baby! And yes there are a lot of surprises...I thought that since I got enough stretch marks with my first baby I wouldn't have to get any more...not true dang it!


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