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A couple of weeks ago, my friend Alex and I attended an event with Lululemon to launch a new sports bra they developed. It was such a blast! Originally we just thought we'd be getting hooked up with a free bra (which would have been great on it's own- good sports bras ain't cheap!), but when we went to the store for the fitting they surprised us by letting us also pick out an entire outfit! I've officially been converted to the ways of Lululemon. (And suggest everyone buy a pair of their Align pants- because you literally feel naked...but you're not...which is a good thing). 

We started off with a good sweat- some yoga and some HIIT- had to put those new bras to work ;-). I probably overdid it a little bit, but it was hard not to being in a room full of such strong women with the music pumping! As we were going through the yoga bits, the fabulous Sadie Jane talked us through a meditation that was centered around feeling strong and confident in your body. Letting go of what we see as imperfections in ourselves. Throwing away the word "try"- you don't just try something- you DO it. To change the way we think from "I don't know" to "I don't know yet."

These were all things I needed to hear and I left feeling strong and uplifted. It's interesting- there have been times throughout this pregnancy where I have been so self-conscious. Though it's been my healthiest pregnancy, I've gained the most weight so far (45 lbs so far!). But it's still a hard pill to swallow when the year prior to getting pregnant I'd just lost 30 pounds and was in the best shape of my life. And then there are other times when I feel the most confident I ever have- that I am this far pregnant and look what I can still do. (And then some other times when I don't care about any of it and I just want to sit on the couch with a carton of ice cream). Pregnancy hormones folks...what a rush. 

But I needed to be reminded of those things- that I am not my body. That I take care of my body because of what my body allows me to do- and that is who I am- what I decide to do

 Deliciousness by Clean Eats and Treats

^Mend Juicery - I need this in my life every day.

It was such a great day! And I'm really looking forward to working out with OUT a giant belly to move around! 

-Photography by Roslyn Smithers-

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