Some of my favorite things about Easter this year:

Jillian got a little confused with the whole Easter basket thing and stockings on Christmas. We had to have a talk to seriously lower her expectations (we do Christmas a lot bigger than Easter, which I think most people do...haha!). She still wanted to leave a note for the Easter bunny (we usually leave a note for Santa at Christmas), which she decided to hide last minute because she thought that might be a dumb idea after all. She's growing up too fast!

We leave our kids' basket's in their rooms so they can see them when they wake up, and when Jillian woke up she bolted out of bed and ran downstairs to ask us first if she was allowed to look at it. Oddly considerate of her! 

When Olivia woke up and came down to see us she exclaimed, "Happy Easter Egg!" 

Both of them went through most of their candy stash before lunch time. Meh. I figure it goes with the territory. (I mean...we DID leave a basket of candy in their bedroom that morning...so I couldn't really expect anything too different).

I wasn't planning on it, but because we made "bunny bum pancakes" last year (you know, with the whip cream tail and sliced strawberries for feet?), Jillian insisted we had to do the same thing this year. I suppose that will be an Easter morning tradition now!

 ^Dying Easter eggs! They were surprisingly (and thankfully) not very messy this year. 

 ^Jillian helped me make the dessert for our family dinner. She loves baking! It was a fresh strawberry cake with lemonade marshmallow frosting- sooooo delicious! The recipe for the cake is here and the frosting here

 ^Hunting for eggs! Where did that tradition start? Does the Easter bunny technically leave the eggs? In which case...why isn't there an Easter chicken? These are legitimate questions...

^The day after. Busted.

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