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The nesting instinct is kicking in pretty hard these days (almost in my 3rd trimester- hallelujah!), and since this is happening at the same time we're moving into a new house, I pretty much feeling like decorating/cleaning/organizing ALL THE THINGS.

Since each of the girls will have their own room in the new house, I've been thinking about where I want to go with the decor of each space! I want them all to be different enough from each other, but not so different that each room feels like it should be in a different house (this is also a general rule in decorating).

One of the girls (probably Jillian), will get the same room decor that they currently have in their shared room (see how that all came together here)- which is white, pastel pinks, yellow, and some pastel blues.

For the nursery (eek!), I want to do a dark and bold, floral accent wall, so I put together some ideas based around that:
(Oh, and the name we've picked out is Charlotte! But we can't agree on a middle name...so stay tuned for that...)

We usually keep the baby in our bedroom out of convenience for the first several months, so I'm not anticipating getting this put together for a little bit- but at least it's all planned out in my mind and I can start collecting things in the meantime!

What I CANNOT decide is how I want to do Olivia's bedroom!! So I'll just be over here racking my brain about that one. So many girls. Aye aye aye. 

What's in this room:

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