what's black, white, and gold all over?

My friend's new eyelash extension studio! 
*ba-dum ching!* I'll be here all night, thanks.

One of my good friends is opening an eyelash extension studio, Extend Lash Lounge, in her hometown in Michigan next month and it's going to be amazing!

In a post I did a good while ago, I outlined four basic things to think about before working up a space that ring true and apply to any room:

1. What do you need the function of the room to be?
2. How do you want the room to feel?
3. Choose a color palette.
4. Find and collect inspiration.

(More on each of those things in the original post here).

I came up with a few design boards for her when she was scheming about the decor and look of it all. She knew she wanted black, white, and gold accents. Here are the three different palettes I came up with:

The first board is Kate Spade inspired- all things girly, pink, striped, and bold. Using bold patterns, like stripes and animal prints, with fun textures like a sheepskin throw and light and airy textured wall paper and glass globe pendant lighting, work together to create a fun, trendy, and unapologetic feminine vibe. There is a bold feel (anytime you pair contrasting colors), but it isn't overwhelming because of the lightness and softness of the textures. My favorite feature is that gold bar cart! One day I want a reason to have a bar cart. Let me rephrase- one day I want a bar cart. We could have parties just because it's Tuesday.

This next look still uses black, white and gold- but in a completely different way. Pairing those colors with warmer neutrals (like earthy greens) and modern textures (like wood, marble, and concrete) give this look more of a spa-like feel: clean and relaxing. The golds are also darker golds- more brass than shiny gold like in the first board above. Using lots of plants also helps the overall look feel fresh and natural (like you want those lashes to be ;-)
The last look uses pink as the accent color again, but the softer blush pink paired with more grays and whites instead of straight black and white makes this look much softer- giving off a chic, couture vibe. The lighting is also much different in this board, using a fancy-schmancy chandelier instead of simple pendant lighting, along with other features like the mirrored dresser to punch up the glam vibe. 

So which look did she go with in her salon? 
Door number one! Kate Spade. Wouldn't you want to hang out and get your lashes done there?! (And drink something from that cute bar cart with a little paper straw while you girl talk for a couple hours gettin' beautified?!) Me too. I'll show you the reality of how it all came together, from inspiration to interpretation, once they open next month! 

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