the mountains are on fire

And by on fire I mean the leaves are starting to change colors and the mountains are covered in all shades of oranges, reds, and yellows! I'm so glad I live in a place where there is honest-to-goodness FALL. I didn't have that growing up. Everyone should at one point or another- it's just good for the soul. 
So is pumpkin bread. Just sayin'. 

At the last minute, I decided to join some friends late afternoon yesterday to head up Provo Canyon. The spot we went to was near the top of Squaw Peak and just incredible. There were a huge open, rolling meadows with great views of the whole valley, Utah Lake, and Mount Timp. Sometimes being in the valley all the time is just dreadful (will they EVER be done with construction, like EVER?!). But anytime I go up the canyons I'm reminded of why people say beUTAHful- because it IS. I'm hoping to go up in the next week or two when ALL of the leaves will be turning!

^ Little explorers!

 Donuts and Big Red Barn apple cider for the WIN!

 My kids are so odd- they love roasting marshmallows, but don't like to eat them- not even s'mores. I know...if I wasn't there to witness their arrival into the world I wouldn't think we were related. 

 ^She took one bite an handed it back to me! (Like I said, they're odd kids...)

 The little tent was a hit- they loved it in there!

 ^Mount Timpanogos in the background- just gorgeous! I wanted to run through that field. 

I just can't get enough of Fall while it's here! Pumpkins everywhere, pumpkin TREATS everywhere, hot cocoa and apple cider always stalked in my kitchen, cool crisp air and making plans for Halloween costumes...

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