labor day

Labor Day! The bookend of summer. I have to say I'm not at all ready to let it go (I never am), but I absolutely love all that fall has to offer. The air is changing- it's cooler and crisp, the mountains are turning red as the leaves start to change colors and pumpkin everything is everywhere. All good changes. 

On Labor Day we did the short hike to Bridal Veil falls in Provo Canyon! (Along with half of Provo- is that trail ever NOT busy?!).  

We don't ever go toward the top of the falls (like some of the people in that^ picture...) I'm much too paranoid about my children falling to their deaths. You know, typical helicopter Mom stuff. Maybe when they're older. ;-)

 They loved splashing in the (frigid) water! I am not in any of these pictures because I don't enjoy frigid water. :-) Funny how kids don't care about that sort of thing.

It was such a gorgeous day to be outside!

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