Happy Easter! 

Our morning started off deliciously with bunny bum pancakes! Jillian thought they were fantastic (thank you Pinterest!) and Olivia didn't get it. Not surprising. 

Getting a family picture where everyone is looking and smiling is kind of, well, basically impossible. But this one was preeeety close.

Thank you Target for having matching dresses in little girl AND toddler sizes. I just couldn't help it.

After church we stopped by James' Dad's house for treats, then ate dinner and had an egg hunt with more friends and family. Olivia didn't get the whole thing last year, but she had no problem catching on this year! She loves to pop the eggs open and instantly asks you to close them so she can repeat that about 50 times. It's super fun. ;-)

^Taking a break to see what's in some of those suckers. I'm not even sure how much candy they managed to eat yesterday, but I know it was a LOT.

After that we went to James' aunt's house for another egg hunt! It was kind of like that movie Four Christmases, but Easter--a very full, but fun day (but with way less dysfunctional family members than portrayed in that movie, just to clarify).

Sooooo much candy.

But in all seriousness, I'm grateful for the real reason we have Easter! I especially loved this video! 

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