pie night

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to adopt a new tradition: pie night! A former co-worker of mine told me her family eats their pies the night before the big meal, when you're not stuffed from post-turkey and mashed potato goodness. It makes complete sense, if you ask me. And since my siblings and I will be in different places tomorrow, it seemed like a great excuse to still get together for at least a partial celebratory pig out (okay...total pig out). 

Thus, pie night was born. I plan to keep it around for many a turkey day to come.

Confession: I can't make pie crust. I can do a lot of things in the kitchen, but pie crust isn't one of them. Truth be told, I've only tried one recipe (one my Mom swore was SO easy), and I guess the utter failure scarred me so bad I haven't tried since- there was something about ice cubes?? So, thanks Pillsbury pie crusts! You're a life saver.
(Oh, but then Michaela showed up with her apple pie-including a homemade crust- and was all, "It was SO easy!" And then I rolled my eyes.) ;-) 

But you better believe every other ounce of that pie is homemade! If there's one thing my I've learned from my Momma, it's that Thanksgiving is always homemade and dessert is never store-bought (regardless of the occasion).

Because Thanksgiving in the Shannon/Houlin family has always been pretty casual (something I totally appreciate), I wanted to make this a little more fancy! It was super simple (NOT like a homemade pie crust) to use butcher paper as a table runner, with a fall garland and small white pumpkins for decor. I had Jillian collect some pine cones from our yard and spray painted them Gold.

So I told myself I was only going to have tiny pieces of each pie, but as you can see my plate has three FULL sized pieces. C'est la vie. Or...something. :-) I mean it was an entire meal dedicated to pie. I feel no guilt, just pie.

Jillian was looking forward to pie night for days! Safe to say she enjoyed herself. 

My list of things to be thankful for grows daily. I'm glad for a time of year to purposely make us conscious of everything in our lives that is good. Happy Thanksgiving!

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