my office/craft area update

Sooo yes, I AM in the middle of updating our master bedroom, but sometimes I get a little sidetracked. Thus, my office got an update! It sort of started earlier in the year when we switched our basement layout around, putting James office in the guest room and putting a playroom where his office used to be. My work space has always been in this spot, but not very organized. With the girls spending more time in their playroom, I spend more time in my office, which consequently means I start to twitch if things aren't in neat little boxes with labels ;-) (Hello my name is Whitney and I have a problem).

Sooo the before:
(Well, clearly I was already testing wall colors...)
 I used the dresser to store a lot of my craft supplies, but with the girls being down there more I wanted it out of the way to give them more space.


Here's the after:
With storage space, if you can't go out, go UP! Using vertical space will really help cut down on overall clutter and give you more space to move around. It's my new life mantra. 

I also painted! The rest of the basement is now white (Benjamin Moore Dove White to be exact) instead of tan, and the gray wall is the same color I used in the back of my open kitchen cabinet, Weather Vane by Valspar. I wanted to paint the accent wall to anchor my space and give it a little bit of separation in feel from the rest of the playroom. (The rule for the girls is, if it's on the gray wall- YOU MAY NOT TOUCH IT). Haha.

The extra humongous wall calendar is probably my favorite part of it all. It's for next year though, so I get to look at January for a couple of months. Good thing she's purty.

I wanted the shelves to be both pretty and functional with lots of color. I used some storage bins I already had, and found some new ones from Ikea and Target. 

I love using the hanging metal baskets to store things like pens, pencils, scissors, brushes, etc. to keep things up off of my desk, which gives me a lot more actual working space. 

With my space now complete and the girls' playroom nearly complete, the basement is one of my new favorite places! Who would have guessed. Now time to get back to the master bedroom (which will hopefully be done in a month or two!)

Desk | Ikea
Wall shelves & brackets | Ikea
Hanging metal baskets | Ikea
Wall calendar | 1 Canoe 2
Gray storage boxes | Ikea
Clock | Target
Floral framed print | Waffle Love

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