inspiration for the master bedroom

I'm finally starting work on our master bedroom! Well, mental work anyway. But I do have plans to start painting in a couple of weeks. My sister has been suggesting I start on this project for months now, but seeing as it's the room we spend the least amount of time in and no one but us really sees it, it's nearly at the end of my "to do" list. 

Originally I just thought of painting over the ugly wall color and calling it good, but then I was reminded by myself that "just" doing something as simple as painting a room never actually happens that way (at least with me anyway), so you may as well not kid yourself and just dive right in. So this me, diving. 

(We know by now not to judge me on before pictures, right? I hope so. ;-)
This picture is slightly outdated- the mirrors are now hanging in a happier place elsewhere and a mantel shelf with some decor replaced them. Even still, we've had everything in this room for several years and I never really feel like I got around to decorating it.
It's just...meh. 

My style is modern farmhouse/rustic industrial. I'm also digging this mid century modern trend going on, but can't really commit to it. HOWEVER, I saw the picture below on the interwebs and my brain almost exploded-
it's a happy marriage of the two! Primarily rustic with just a touch of mid century modern. 
I'm super in love with this fusion. 


Soooo that's my plan for the master! I want a heavier focus on modern farmhouse with just a few mid century modern accents, keeping the overall color scheme light and airy. Hopefully it will all come together. I dunno. As with everything else, it's kind of a grand experiment.

Here are some things swimming around in my brain right now- it's not really a complete picture, but these are definitely some elements I want to include:

If you happen to see any other pictures like that above with a mix of those two styles, send them my way! I haven't found anymore of this style mash-up, despite my best pinteresting.

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