Jillian turned four this week! Part of me feels like she has been four since she started asking if she was on the daily about six months ago. ;-) It's been a long six months... :-p

At one point she was literally running around in circles saying, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it!" When I finally asked her what she couldn't believe she replied, "That I'm finally FOUR!". 

I love Jillian's curiosity about life. It comes with a bajillion and four questions a day and sometimes I literally run out of answer to "but, why?", but she reminds me to wonder about things, and to slow down- to stop and look at a bug crawling on the sidewalk or help her reach a leaf on a branch so she can bring it home to make soup (a concoction of grass, leaves, and snails she makes in her sand bucket). 

She absorbs everything around her and is a pretty bright kid. The other day she asked me how to spell her name and I did and she just wrote it- with no prior writing practice! 

Happy birthday sweet girl! I love you to pieces! 

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