valentine's day printable

Valentine's Day is this weekend! Teacher friends- can I get a halleluljah all of the party hoop-lah will be on a Friday?! Nothing like a classroom full of sugared out seven year-olds in the middle of the week...blegh! 

 While my husband and I barely have our crap together and are still trying to solidify babysitters and plans, I at least have the preschool party treat down! (I'm starting to get better at not procrastinating these kinds of things...)

I freely admit, I saw this idea on Pinterest- but I did make the label! Grab a free printout of them HERE. It was super easy to recreate, especially with the help of store-bought donuts!

Cellophane bags
Ribbon or butcher string 
Paper straws

Poke the straw through the donut and stick it in the cellophane bag. Tie it up with ribbon, attach your label and wah-LAH.

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