I had every intention of taking more than these few pictures on Thanksgiving. But my intentions were soon clouded by thoughts of carb loading and pie.

Our Thanksgiving this year was kind of like the movie Four Christmases. Except it was just two houses, not four, and it wasn't Christmas. But we enjoyed spending time with James's side of the family! I sort of dread the day where I'M the one in charge of the turkey. It's so...intimidating. So I'll delay that scene for as long as possible. 

We had to leave the first meal a little early to get to the second one on time, so we missed pie! We had other non-pie desserts at Thanksgiving #2, so this holiday turned out to be pie-less. I overheard Jillian talking on her toy phone today and she said, "Yeah and we didn't even have pie on Thanksgiving!" Incredibly observant, that one is.

I told James we need more Thanksgiving traditions other than just eating. We have Christmas traditions coming out of our ears, but not really any for Thanksgiving! Maybe like one of the local races in the morning, a pie baking contest...I don't know. SOME thing. Have any ideas? I'm totally okay with adopting your family's traditions.

All in all it was a great day! I have so many things to be thankful for- a happy, healthy family (many of them living close by), two super sweet kiddos, a hardworking and caring hubby, a job that allows me to work from home...and the list goes on. I wouldn't trade any of it for anything! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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