christmas eve!

We're in Florida for Christmas!!! 
We've had so much fun being with my whole family. It's never quiet and the house is always messy, but it's the greatest- there is nothing like being home for Christmas! I also won't complain about the 70 degree weather.

^There is no doubt where I get my love for decorating from- every inch of my mom's house is decked out for the holidays and it is picture perfect. 

^Cousins are the BEST! They have been going 90 to nothing playing all day long, bouncing around the house from one game to the next and changing in and out of different dress-ups. My mom was so excited to have all of them here that she made sure the American Girl dolls were all straightened and combed with a basket full of new clothes for playing with. 

 ^Doting over Olivia.

 ^This year we started a new tradition of all of the grandkids making gingerbread cookies with Papa! In all matching chef hats and aprons of course...

 ^Milly and Papa got into a bit of a flour war. Given the crowd, it was fairly expected.

^Even Chef Olivia got in on the action (and by get in on the action I mean I put a chef hat on her long enough to take a picture and she happily sat in her highchair stuffing her face with baby puffs). I just love her scrunch-faced smile! 

The night of Christmas Eve we got together with ALL of my extended family at my grandparents' house for dinner and a nativity play by the kiddos. It was so awesome being with some of the cousins I grew up with and seeing our kids all play together. Talk about nostalgic. 

^Bathrobes and towels make for the best shepherds costumes.

^Us with my Grammy and Grampy! These are two incredible people right here!

The rest of the night we stayed up WAY too late getting the last of the presents in order and helping my mom play Santa by filling stockings and setting out the gifts for the girls! I LOVE the magic of Christmas, especially with kids around!


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