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Where the heck did my summer go? 
Between my parents coming out (3 times), James' trip to Brazil, my brother and sister moving out, Sister-in-law and her kids visiting, sister's bridal shower, Jillian's birthday party, oh- Olivia being born...CRAZY SUMMER!

But good. Oh so good.

Some things we've been up to lately:

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Jillian started a tumbling class! She is so incredibly shy and not a risk taker in the least, so I was hoping this would help her be more confident in herself. So far it totally has (to the point where she's trying to be a little too adventurous at home and climb all over things) and she absolutely LOVES it. It's also pretty hilarious to watch a bunch of completely uncoordinated 3 and 4 year-olds swing and jump from things. 

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A couple of blocks away from the rec center where she has tumbling, is our new favorite place called Sodalicious. It's a rinky dink little drive through on the back of a barber shop, but it's incredible. One of my favorite drinks so far is the "it's not me, it's you" which is Dr. Pepper with raspberry puree, vanilla, and half and half. Whhhaaattt??? I know. It's like almost worth moving to Provo for.

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Olivia is growing up SO fast. She coos all of the time and has even started to GIGGLE! I can't even handle it. I've decided not to hang on to the clothes she grows out of (just because it'll be another few years before we have another and maybe, just maybe it'll be a boy?), but I almost came to tears when I dropped them off at a thrift store the other day. STAY LITTLE FOREVER!

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I've started working on making over the girls' room! Olivia will be moving in soon, so it's getting an update in decor as well! One of my favorite parts is this little reading corner with bookshelves made out of $4 Ikea spice racks! God bless Ikea.

 photo IMG_5178_zps3144a198.jpg

And just to keep things interesting, my very accident-prone husband jacked up his eye, thanks to a contact that went missing somewhere in there and ended up scratching it, which landed us in the ER. Who knew your eye could even DO this? I asked him if he googled it and he said yes. So I asked what he even searched for and he replied "jello eye...though it didn't bring up what I needed it to." But all is well- the eye bubble is gone and he's on antibiotics for a few days. He even got to wear an eye patch for a day, which resulted in me spouting out pirate jokes uncontrollably.

I'm hoping to squeeze in another trip to the pool and a mandatory snow cone date before school starts and summer is officially over! The only thing that makes this okay is my sister's wedding in a few weeks, which means we get to go to Florida and then all of our Thursday evening trips to the farmer's market!

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