just checking in...

This year I set new year's resolutions with the full intention of actually completing them (which has probably never happened before...).

Since we're (more than) half way through the year, I wanted to check in and see what they actually were again how many I'd accomplished.

how to make homemade donuts in those cute donut pans (I have so many incredible looking recipes pinned...just gotta buy a freakin' pan...) how to use photoshop, or something like it

up enough extra cash-ola to buy a camera (time to branch out of the iPhone only photos) (Oh...I was supposed to be saving money...oops).

something other than my usual fictional dystopian society/political fiction books. I Am Malala sounds incredible (ordered it from amazon today!)
a new shared space for Jillian and kiddo #2 (in progress) more items for my Etsy shop, and spend more time on it in general (have created a few more items...)

the storage closet in the basement...I shudder even listing this one (DONE-ZO!)

Pilates again (and find time to do it with 2 kids)! I fell in love with it last year but since I'm prego obviously there's a lot I can't do. I'm definitely counting down until the summer when I can get back on that giant bouncy ball. (I haven't been to Pilates specifically yet, but I am in a regular habit of going back to the gym- why is working out post-baby SO FREAKING HARD?!)

So I have 5 of 8 either completed or in progress. I'm feelin' pretty good about that! I shall buy a donut pan in the near future! Which directly contradicts my last goal about working out...buuuut you know....DONUTS.  

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