birthday weekend

I'm twenty-freaking-six. 
That's quickly approaching 30.
I asked Jillian how old I was and she said "three", so at least I'm not quite an old hag yet in her eyes (...but she can't even count to 20, so her perception is probably skewed). ;-) 

Fortunately my WHOLE family got to Utah that day to celebrate with me (Michaela and Spencer via cross country road trip--because they just moved here- WOO!-- and my parents via airplane)!

Friday night my parents watched the girls while James and I stayed in Salt Lake to celebrate. It would've been super nice to actually get to sleep all night instead of waking up twice to feed Olivia, but I still had to get up to pump (blegh...the things we do). But it was definitely nice to sleep in the morning and get to be lazy sans toddler demanding Cheerios.

This magnet was on the fridge in the mini bar...I thought it was hilarious. HILARIOUS.

The next morning...well...I say morning loosely, it was like noon by the time we woke up and got out the door...we went to the cutest little bakery downtown, Eva's. I definitely recommend it. That lemon cream and blueberry stuffed french toast? Holy YUM.

(We look really tired...I'm aware...)

And of course we left with some more nom-noms. 
I could eat croissants until I died.

Last year I got a new chandelier for my birthday. This year I got a new patio umbrella. 
I don't know if other twenty-six year-olds are this boring...
Don't get me wrong, I totally love it. 
I mean...my patio umbrella TILTS TO FOLLOW THE SUN!
That's exciting stuff folks. 

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