i left my heart in san francisco

Okay, not really. 
But it was gorgeous. 

Jillian and I spontaneously joined my parents and brother on a little jaunt to California this week to visit some of my Dad's family, which is always a good time. I've been all over northern California and to San Diego, but never San Francisco! Definitely checked this off my bucket list. Random factoid- I was born in California! But we moved when I was like 2 or something. I claim Florida through and through. ;-)

We started our trip exploring the city in Chinatown. I love areas like this in big cities because for a few blocks it's like stepping into another country entirely. My super-pasty family definitely stuck out in the crowd though (especially since my little brother is like The Hulk)! 

Then we did all the tourist-y things- like riding cable cars, eating at Ghiradelli Square, the Wharf, and Pier 39. I'm kind of amazed I'm not in labor right now from walking up and down all of those hills. I got some looks from people passing by that seemed to say "Ohh you poor pregnant lady." My huffing and puffing probably didn't make people stare any less.

 Being surrounded by so much water was hydrating for my SOUL. That is hands down what I miss the most about living in a coastal state. Granted, in Utah we have a view of Utah Lake everyday, but it's just not the same. Nowhere close to the same. Give me salty air and uninterrupted ocean views and I'm a happy girl. 
And the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I am SO READY for spring! 

(I think my eyes are closed in this picture...I dunno...but otherwise I liked it- beach ball belly and all). 

I looked up some real estate in San Francisco just out of curiosity, and after seeing how many digits were next to the listing prices of the homes, and NOT next to the square feet, I realized we likely will never be living in San Francisco- haha. But I'm okay with that. The architecture is gorgeous- even though they're all basically on top of each other- they're all SO different! 

The rest of the week we were in Chico with two of my aunts and uncles and my grandma. Never a dull moment with them! But I also didn't take any pictures...sooo oops!

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