I heard somewhere once that if you pray for patience, you won't just 'get' patience, but instead opportunities to be patient. 
I don't remember praying for patience lately, but WOW have their been many-a-opportunity to practice just that. Opportunities that present themselves in the form of an almost 3 year-old. 
Whoever invented the term "terrible two's" needs to be corrected. I believe "terrifying three's" is more accurate. 
This combined with my raging third trimester hormones presents for really awesome situations, where I exercise probably everything BUT patience. And I'm too tired to think of specific examples that I'll probably find funny by next week.

(And I'm making another one of these little people?) :-p 

But thank HEAVENS for those little moments in the day where Jillian will come up to me and ask for a hug and whisper in my ear, "I lub you." 

Also, thank heavens for bubble baths, The Weepies, and this delicious pound cake. Why yes, I did eat my feelings tonight. No regrets about that whatsoever

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