one fish and two snails later...

It's been rainy and cold 'round these parts lately...which is super confusing because it's the middle of May. So that means instead of spending time outside, Jillian and I were confined inside, which lasts all of 2 hours before we're both bored and annoying each other. Sooo Field trip time! I had an errand to run at Lowe's and saw that Petsmart was right next door. With all of the pets they have out on display, I figured it'd be like a mini zoo experience. And I was right! Jillian loved it and freaked out over all of the fish tanks. She even got to hold a few kittens! 

I think we spent a total of almost an hour just looking at all of the critters in their cages. But what fun is going to a pet store if you don't  come home with a pet?! After talking to one of the employees, I realized the easiest pet to take care of would be a beta fish, so home with a beta fish (and a snail just for fun) we went. 

Jillian LOVES it! Unfortunately snail #1 died within about 30 minutes of being home (lame), but thanks to Petsmart 14 day guarantee we just went back and got another one! We did have a bit of a "Darla from Nemo" experience where Jillian kept wanting to bang on the tank, scoop the fish out with her fingers, dump half a bottle of food in the tank, etc. It's a work in progress. 

I've been trying to convince James into getting Jillian a kitten or puppy for her 2nd birthday this summer, so the fish is the first step. ;-) 
Welcome home fishy!  

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