the good news

So after my last post and the mysteries surrounding the "James has good news but it can't be revealed until next week!" line, I got several text messages that night from friends asking what in the world was going on and why didn't they know? 
It's okay...It's not like he's pregnant...

The good news is: he got a new job! Yay! (I wasn't allowed to say anything until he put his two weeks notice in at work). He's been looking feverishly for the last several months in attempt to leave his current job. The senior management there is a joke and his hard work went fairly unnoticed. Kind of funny how it happened, because after months of interviews and second interviews and nothing after that, he suddenly got offers from three banks within the same couple of weeks. 
Decision time. 

The top two contenders were Goldman Sachs and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland). We had essentially 12 hours to make a decision. AH! There were definitely pros and cons to each job, but we ultimately decided to go with RBS (James still can't believe he said "no" to Goldman Sachs!). We liked those "pros" better. He starts later this month. 

Unfortunately, that does not mean we are moving to Scotland.

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  1. Hey Whitney! I'm Chelsea over at http://fromchrysalistobutterfly.blogspot.com. I found you through the "I Heart Pears" blog and I'm super excited to be following you!

    Congrats on your hubby's new job! How exciting!
    Many blessings :)


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