jillian is 18 months! (and i'm totally gonna brag about it)

Holy smokes! I have a TODDLER! She is definitely out of the baby phase (and she won't let you forget it). 

She has learned SO much over the last few months. Around 16 months she learned the names of basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, heart, diamond, octagon). After enough practice with those I taught her a few more and she just soaked it up like a little sponge: pentagon, crescent, trapezoid, hexagon. ...what 18 month old knows what a trapezoid is?? There are a few others that she can point to when I ask her, but can't quite say the name of (semi-circle, arrow, and spiral). I think I'll let those slide...haha. She loves when I "quiz" her on the names of them really fast- I draw them and she says what they are. 

She is seriously so bright. Sometimes its hard to entertain her because she gets bored of things that aren't interesting enough to her. She can count to 10 (though not always in order and she usually always skips the number 4). She counts EVERY thing- walking up and down the stairs, toys, food, etc. 

She just learned the names of some colors- blue, red, yellow, green and pink (sometimes she'll say orange).  

The iPad might be her favorite toy. It's scary how well she can get around that thing. She can turn it on by herself, swipe to unlock, and get in and out of all her apps. Techie baby!

She's extremely attached to two of her blankets that are the same but in different colors. If both are within eyesight, both are in her arms. If she wants the other one she'll say "another blanket!" and when you give it to her she says "two blankets!" 

Speaking of things she says, she says a lot. She talks in 2-4 word sentences regularly. She picks up words really fast (including when I accidentally say "crap" or "dang it"...oops). This has been one of the GREATEST things because she doesn't throw a fit when she wants something (most of the time), she just tells us what she wants. Halelujah!! 
She does throw fits (glorious, thrashing, screaming fits) when we take something away from her that she can't have. Terrible two's approaching? I think so. It's almost funny to watch though.

I have almost every word memorized in the same few episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I downloaded for her. Girl is obsessed. She sings the intro song and it's pretty adorable. Her favorite characters are Minnie and Goofy (aka "Doofy"..all her g's are pronounced as d's). Her Grandpa got her a Minnie the same size as her. Most of the time she has to carry it over her shoulder in a fireman's carry to tote it around.

One of her favorite things to do is get a bath and use her bath crayons. She'll scribble all over the tub and then say "e i m m m e e m m". Soo maybe the alphabet will come next (right now she sings about every 4th to 5th letter when we sing the ABC's). 

She's in some weird phase right now where she is being a REALLY picky eater. Not fun. Obsessed doesn't convey her true infatuation with dairy products. Yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese...it's a staple in her diet. In her opinion, vegetables are of the devil but any fruit is her best friend. I don't get it. 

                                                                   "Heck no I'm not eating that ravioli"

All in all she is so FUN! I love that I can talk to her and she'll talk back. I love that she pretends with her little toys like they're talking to each other and makes them kiss. I love when she brings me a plastic cup from her kitchen with one for her in the other hand and expects me to slurp up the imaginary deliciousness she just concocted in her play kitchen. I love that she tries to "hide" from me by laying in the middle of the floor curled up in a ball. I love this girl!

I've also recently had an epiphany. The thought of having another baby has terrified me. Another NINE months of pregnancy? Another newborn that never sleeps and wants to eat ALL the time? I'm hoping she'll be the only kid I have that has reflux- that was terrible (and probably the main reason I've been worried about little Houlin #2). 

The other day I was thinking about all of Jillian's "firsts"- first smile, first time she rolled over, first laugh, first word. Every time she learned something new I felt so incredibly proud of her, even though it could have been the tiniest thing. Then it hit me- THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HAVE MORE THAN ONE KID!! You get to experience all of those "firsts" all over again! The good firsts that make all of the "bad" or "scary" firsts tolerable. And for the first time, having another baby doesn't seem scary to me.

And that might be the scariest thought of them all. 

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