zombie walker

I've been meaning to write about this FO-EV-AH. Jillian walks! Like all the time!  It is one of the cutest things I've seen. Her feet are too far apart and she hardly bends her knees, but she gets it done.
It really is like a zombie walk because to balance herself, she sticks her arms out in sort of a hail-to-Hitler position. She's like a walking baby zombie. But her smiling, proud little face puts her far from actual walking baby zombie. 
This has made my life SO much easier. Before she would want to walk all over, but only if she was holding on to one of your fingers. This resulted in hours of walking around the living room hunched over with your index finger being deathly gripped for sweet life itself. 
See her in action! We are proud parents these days.

Also, this one, because it's awesome: 

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