a roadtrip

We'll see if I can make it through this post. My nails are longer than normal and are clinking weird against the keys, so instead of getting up to trim them, I'll just complain about it and keep typing. 

Moving on. 

Labor day weekend! Definitely was laborious. I was hoping to get a few craft projects done (as I told James, I was definitely feeling the urge, like I HAD to do it..probably a good thing I'm not into drugs..for many reasons..), but instead I drew the short straw on driving to meet my parents in the middle of the country to essentially swap cars. 

This has happened several times in my family, where we buy/sell/trade cars with one another. It happens. We bought my mom's car and they took back my Highlander. Mom car upgrade for yours truly. 

James was NOT looking forward to the drive with me (I can be a complainer sometimes), so I made an EXTRA effort not to be annoying. I think I was mostly successful. 

Friday afternoon I packed up the cooler with lots of snacks and goodies and off we went. (Thanks Mich for watching Jillian all weekend! I literally would have died if would have taken her with us!) We decided to stop in Rawlins, Wyoming for the night- we're not good through-the-night drivers. Want to visit a po-dunk town? Go there. Holy crap. I thought I was from such a town...nope. The good toothless people from Rawlins, WY are from po-dunk town. Much to our surprise, the only hotel with vacancies was America's Best Value Hotel. 
It didn't even have soap. Like, NO SOAP. Not to wash your hands, hair, body...nothing! It was more of a glorified truck stop I think. The "king" size bed was sunken in, the pillows were so hard it felt like they were stuffed with dead racoons, and parts of the floor were stained and left vacuumed. Come to think of it, I should probably get a tetanus shot just to be safe. It DID come with free breakfast, but I was not so willing to put my guts under that much risk. After all, there was NO SOAP in this hotel. 

The next morning we drove like 13 hours to get to Kansas City, Missouri where we met my mom and brother and a nicer hotel (with soap). We essentially slept there, ate breakfast, and drove back the same way we came. 

What a whir of a weekend. The driving part wasn't *that* bad. The only crappy part was the last 2-3 hours when I got super car sick. I guess I should be glad it only happened the last part of the trip. All in all, I'm way happy to have the new car.

I'm also happy to say with 100% confidence that the Houlins will never live in Wyoming, Nebraska, or Kansas. (We kept saying, "How can someone actually live here?! There is like literally nothing for 90 miles...they could DIE and no one would know for weeks!")

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