Memorial Day

If Jillian had it her way, we'd be outside 24/7. Fortunately, since we'll be in sunny Florida for the next week, she'll get her wish. 

Today was a little a sneak preview. We went up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon with Jen, Joey, and little Brynlee for a picnic. I'm not really the hikey-outdoorsy type of girl, but I can do a picnic on a blanket.

The girls loved it. Jillian was crawling EVERYWHERE and wanted to go in the grass so badly (but couldn't because of the nearby dog poo...why we didn't just move our blankets away I don't know...). Her personality is getting more and more wild and energetic every day...makes me nervous. 

I was hoping they would interact a little bit more, but when Jillian sat still long enough next to Brynlee, she just grabbed all of her hair...she must be jealous.

It was a fun day off! It definitely made it feel like summer. Aaahhhhh summer...

Florida here we come! 
(SO NERVOUS about Jillian+5 hours on a plane...wish us luck!)

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