donut grow up, charlotte!

I say this every time my kids have a birthday, but it's true- I blinked and a year went by! Every year seems to go a little faster. It feels like Charlotte has always been part of our family, even though she's just been here for a year, I can't remember life before her! (Did I sleep more then? Probably not...)

Charlotte has been a pretty easy-going kid (probably thanks to birth order)! She still wakes up once a night to eat, loves to read books, likes to try whatever food she sees you eating, and gets into everything. She says: Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, no, more, all done, poo, night-night, bye, hi, hello, eat, ball, yay, uh-oh, oh no, and book. She just took her first few steps a couple of days ago, but hasn't wanted to practice really since then (though she pushes her walker like a boss!).

Jillian likes to tote her all over the house and can get some of the best belly laughs from her! Anytime the doorbell rings she crawls as fast as she can to the door, because she knows it's most likely Jillian coming home! She's like her second mom. 

 She loved everyone singing happy birthday to her and just beamed the whole time. She wasn't quite sure what to do with her cake, but after a couple of tastes she got the right idea! Anytime she wants to eat something (especially something she sees you eating), she will start "mmmm-ing" very emphatically (sometimes even angry!). Don't get between this girl and her food! She still only has two bottom teeth but that doesn't stop her from doing pretty well with table food!
 We love you SWEET girl! 


Party Sources:

Letter balloons: Amazon
Tissue paper tassels: Amazon
Donuts: Beyond Glazed in Murray
Donut pinata: Target
Sweet One banner: Etsy
Plates, napkins, donut cups, table cloth: Etsy
Printable paper donuts: Etsy
Sprinkle paper lanterns: Amazon 
 Cake topper: Amazon
Printables: Etsy

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