sushi and santa

Every Christmas we go see Santa at Riverwoods (I always appreciate Santas with real beards). This is the first year since Jillian was a baby that it was actually a different person playing Santa. Fortunately she didn't notice! She was too busy having a full out panic attack. I always wonder if "this will be the year!" my kids aren't afraid of the big man in the red suit, but we're not there yet (note: Olivia's face). For some reason merely telling him the presents you'd like to receive as he hands you a candy cane is horrifying, but the thought of him creeping into your house in the middle of the night while you're sleeping to deliver said gifts is A-OK.*shrug

Jillian asked to be surprised (well, she asked me to ask him) and Olivia asked for Moana toys and a pink drum. Charlotte was thoroughly confused about it all.

This year we added to the tradition and went for sushi afterwards! Over the past year or so Jillian has come to love it and is actually pretty decent with chopsticks. Olivia? Not so much, but most sushi places have "noodles" so she's happy with that. 
Charlotte was just happy trying to grab at all the things on the table! I love that she's big enough to sit up on her own now- it makes grocery carts and high chairs much more applicable.
After sushi, we made room for treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!
 It was freezing, but always is one of my favorite traditions! 

And maybe, just maybe, next year will be the year my kids aren't freaked out by a real-live Santa!

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