thirty, flirty, & thriving

Anyone else love that movie? (13 Going on 30). 

Three DECADES alive. As I was growing up, I remember always thinking thirty sounded so old.  Now I'm actually quite looking forward to it! You're in the more established phase of life; you're not as concerned with impressing other people; you can drive a minivan with pride because you (and other minivan driving moms) know how awesomely convenient it is to have a minivan.

My cousin, and one of my best friends, Jenn turns 30 this week! So we threw her a surprise party.

And the best part? She was genuinely surprised!!! No one let it slip. Her husband, Gordy, and I were texting a lot the month prior, so he had to be pretty sneaky with not leaving his phone laying around face up! Right after they left their kids at home with a sitter, I snuck over and met one of her neighbors and we started setting everything up. Instead of coming back to the house how she left it, she walked into a party!

It was a fun and tasty night! Happy birthday to one of the hottest and talented mama's I know! 
May your thirties be the best decade yet.

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