Jillian surprised me with her costume choice this year! She decided to be Tigress from Kung Fu Panda- a movie both the girls just love! I think we saw all 3 of them when they each came out in theaters...anyway- fat panda theme-let's do this.

James was Po (he was actually pretty excited about it!). To make his costume I bought two giant sweatshirts, eyeballed it and cut them each and sewed them together, then stuffed it with pillows! For the belt I just sewed yellow and red scraps of fabric together. Let's stop there for a moment- don't be impressed- I am NOT a sewer- I can sew basic straight lines but anything much more complicated than that and I'm out.

Olivia was Master Shifu! She's tiny...he's tiny...seemed fitting. She would only wear her mask for this picture though and then immediately wanted it off so most people thought she was that girl Star Wars character like half the world dressed up as..(what is her name? We aren't Star Wars people...)

And I was Mei Mei! A fat ribbon dancing panda? That's my spirit animal right there. ;-)

 For both mine and Olivia's felt masks, I used the templates here and just modified mine a bit to be more like a lady panda, including gluing on fake lashes.

Trick-or-treating was magical- as it is every year! Our tradition is to join our friends the Gunnells and have dinner at their parents' house, then head out to their neighborhood to score candy! It really is something out of a movie--fire pits lining drive ways, hot chocolate, butter beer, caramel apples and hay rides- it's like a real live Halloweentown.  

Olivia caught on REAL quick about how the whole trick-or-treating business worked. "Oh, I just go ask for candy and they give it to me? EVERY time? Done."

I was also really proud of Jillian who was brave enough to head up to the doors with just her friends this year! 

Long live Halloween. Oh, and we STILL have candy stashed at the top of the pantry. Mostly Snickers, because blegh. ;-)

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