a quick trip to DC

Last weekend James and I flew to DC! He finished his MBA at GW in December, but we had to go out for all of the graduation hoop-lah. It was such a whirlwind of a trip since we were there for less than 72 hours, but it was still a fun little getaway! I haven't been to DC since my 4th grade safety patrol trip, so it was basically all new again.

 We landed at 9am on Friday, and had just enough time to run to our hotel, shower off the travel smell, and get to the capital building for a tour given by a staff member of Mia Love, one of Utah's representatives. 

The paintings covering the walls and ceilings were so intricate! I especially loved this quote:

DC is really an interesting mix of old and new- some blocks reminded me of "The Capital" from the Hunger Games (surely that's where they got their inspiration), and other blocks had some really cool architecture!

James got to do lots of sight-seeing when he was in DC a few months prior for one of his classes, so he asked me to make a list of the places that I wanted to see! Naturally I came up with a list of places I wanted to eat at instead...

Because of our crazy our schedule ended up being, we only got to hit up one of the places on my list, Astro Donuts, but they were delicious! They're famous for their creme brulee donut- and for good reason! Fun fact: they also serve fried chicken.

We also toured the White House. I love that it's still period decorated- at least the wing that we were able to tour. ;-) I saw a woman's dreams get crushed when she asked a security guard if Obama ever just popped over to this area "just to say hi" to the visitors and he politely said, "never". Hah! She was notably disheartened. 

We also got to visit some of James' family that lives in Maryland, about an hour away from DC. My favorite thing about visiting family no matter how much you do or don't see them is that it instantly feels cozy and everyone just picks right up where they left off. 

And bonus, James' uncle made some killer fried empanadas. I'm certain I gained a few pounds during that meal alone!

The commencement for the whole school was on the lawn in front of the Washington memorial. It ended up being an incredibly windy and cold morning, but I loved the remarks given by Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey. He brought up how everyone is eager to want to change the world, but so many ignore the needs of those in their own neighborhoods and communities. It definitely made me think of so many things I can do better in my own little realm of influence.

I'm so proud of my husband and for his hard word and dedication over the last few years- working 50 hours a week (which turns into 60 with commute time), and still having the discipline to maintain an A-B average, and not slack off even a little bit in being an amazing father and husband. Congrats James! You deserve a really long nap. ;-)

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