tulip festival

Every year Thanksgiving Point has a tulip festival where you can walk through their gardens of 250,000 blooming tulips. Yes, that's a LOT of tulips and yes, it is amazing! I wouldn't consider tulips to be one of my favorite flowers, but when there are so many of them all jam packed together, it makes for one beautiful sight!

This was a field trip for the online school I work for, but the girls came along with me--job perks! They always get to tag along for the fun stuff! 

It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day either.

 It was a little tricky teaching Olivia not to pick them...so they may actually have a few under 250K flowers now...I tried.

 I love how much they are starting to play together recently! They want to be with each other 98% of the time and wherever Jillian goes, Olivia is sure to follow. Sisters are the best, I'd know. <3 nbsp="" span="">

After we walked (for forever), we finally made it to our picnic spot by the waterfall! By the end of lunch the girls were exhausted and whiny. I tried to get a group picture by the falls but Jillian was not having it. So like any excellent mother, I got them some treats so they'd quit crying and we could walk back to the car without creating (too) much of a scene. ;-)  

It was (mostly) a great time! I am so ready for summer weather and all the outside fun that comes with it! (Bribery ice cream cones and all!)

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