trip to the farm!

My mom has been in town this last week- which means we stayed up too late, ate too much, but had lots of fun. :-) She flew out today and we already felt the "get the girls back to their normal bedtime and routine" crunch. Blegh. 

On to the fun stuff we've been up to! We joined my cousin Jenn (who just moved back to Utah--YAY!) and our good friend Kristen and their kiddos at the farm. Smelly, but entertaining. And really smelly.

 ^Olivia was bummed she couldn't ride a "tony" like the big kids!

 ^Jillian refuses to let me help her with ANY thing when my Mom is around, including helping her ride the pony (and get her snacks, read her bedtime stories, help her in the bathroom, play with her...yeah...pretty much everything). 

^It was funny to watch all of the kids adopt her as their Nana for the day! Nanas are just the best.

A few days later we went to a pumpkin patch, because fall is for farms and pumpkin patches. Growing up in Florida, when you go to the pumpkin "patch" you go to an acre lot or church parking lot or something with just piles of pre-picked pumpkins lined up in rows. So when I moved out here where there are honest to goodness, pumpkin on the vine patches, it was a moment of enlightenment. 

 ^"Monnies!" according to Olivia.

 ^The goats were cute and harmless to Jillian until some sheep three times the size of Jillian came over, which was obviously terrifying. We had a quick lesson on what sheep eat..i.e., not people.

Ohhhh fall. You are glorious.  

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