hangin' out with nana & papa!

We had so much fun with my parents while they were visiting last week! When Jillian woke up this morning she said, "Put me in a box, Mom. Put me in a box and mail me to Florida." (Very dramatically and matter-of-factly).
Some days she probably doesn't realize the thought actually crosses my mind... ;-) 

I asked her what her favorite thing we did with them was and she said the dinosaur museum! She'd been wanting to go for weeks!

Behold: all the blurry phone pictures. Sometimes the best kind, in my opinion.

My Grammy is out visiting for a while and she came with us! Jillian LOVES her and is basically attached to her hip any time we're with her. It's pretty cute. 

One of her favorite parts was the sand and water table! What is it about kids and messes? They seem to naturally attract one another...

We also went on a HUGE Mommy/Daughter date (with like 14 moms+daughters) to see the new Cinderella! Back when it first came out, my friends and I talked about dressing the girls up in their princess attire to see it. We quickly realized how unoriginal our idea was when we started seeing similar pictures popping up on our news feeds. ;-) Great mommy minds think alike.

For Christmas, my parents got us the entire collection of books they read to us as kids. My mom had to get many of them from Ebay or track them down from various places because some of their are so old! The LAST book (and one of our favorites), Popcorn, just came back to print, so they brought it with them when they came out! At Jillian's request, I think they read it to her precisely 43 times. She has half of it memorized already. 

At one point my mom said, "I can't believe I used to read these stories to you guys as kids and now here I am reading them to my grandkids." I couldn't help but think I may be saying something similar in about 30 years. Why does time go by so fast

Such a fun week with them celebrating Olivia's birthday, Easter, watching General Conference, and hanging out with our family! 

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