favorite spaces in mi casa

Speaking of things in Spanish...all of the husband's family is from Argentina. When we were first married, James' grandma would make me say things in Spanish because she thought it was "cute"...I'm sure she made fun of me later...Anyway, one night after dinner I said something to the effect of "la comida es muy rico". Then she made me repeat it to each member of the family, "Look! Look what Whitney can say!" And then I stopped saying things in Spanish.

Moving on. I never really posted house pictures since we bought our place. Mostly because most areas aren't all clean at the same time. But I'm definitely way more invested in the decor of this place than any of our apartments. Especially the apartment we had with hunter green carpet and linoleum (vomit). Thought I'd post a few pictures of my favorite spaces in the house though. Just for funsies. 

This particular spot in the kitchen. E-A-T paper mache letters spray painted with hammered metal spray paint (an anthro look alike) and indoor herb garden with chalkboard labels. Also complete with dirty dishes, it's the personal touches that make your house a home.

Our bedroom. The bed used to look much, much fluffier until we took the duvet out of the cover. Junk is too hot for summer time, y'all. Lovin' white bedding right now. James also likes to keep a lot of crap on his nightstand..

I've never had a home office before. Ehh..scratch that...I did in our first and second apartment, until the kiddo came along and my office was the first to go. I guess I should say I've never had one I liked so much! Is it weird I think my favorite parts are the clock and trash can?

Aanndd the picture of Jillian's room turned out weird, thanks phone camera. Her room was so fun to do! (And I think the room I was most anal about). 'Twas also featured here.

And there you have it. My favorite places in our house. Come over some time. I'll make cookies.

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